Angelina K. Pavlova 

Angelina Kamenova Pavlova


Date of birth December 10th 1963 in Sofia

Address 3, Zagore Str., Sofia 1124

Tel./Fax. +3592 987 35 87




1996 European University of Glass

Association VERRE et CREATION – Sars-Potteries, France Stage: "pate de verre, casting glass, sand casting "

1988/90 ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS – Wroclaw, Poland

Master of Arts

1985/87 UMPRUM –Prague, Czech Republic

Specialty: Glass in Architecture

Prof. Stanislaw Libensky

1984/85 ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS - Sofia, Bulgaria

Specialty: Silicate forms

Prof. George Kolarov

1981 College of Ceramic and Glass - "Decoration"




Since 1992 Freelance Artist

2000/02   Glassware factory "QUARTZ ", Sliven, Bulgaria – Head Designer

1987        Glassware factory "KITKA ", Novi Pazar, Bulgaria – Designer

1981/84   "BOJANA"Film Studio, Sofia - Costume and decoration designer



2008         Gallery Arte Forma "Glass meets Art" – Heidelberg, Germany 2007 Gallery AVENTURIJN – Epe , Holland

2007         "Passions in glass" – Hotel Villa Roka, Bansko, Bulgaria

2006        "Create light" – Gallery Aspect – Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2006        "Glass as magic reality" – Gallery Arosita – Sofia, Bulgaria

2004        "11x11"- Gallery Murgash, Sofia, Bulgaria

2002        "Mercedes & Glass" Show room - Balkan Star, Sofia

2002        "Reflex ions" - Polish Culture Institute - Sofia, Bulgaria 2000 "VIKINGS"- National Gallery for Foreign Arts - Sofia, Bulgaria

1999        One-man show /Gallery L – Hamburg, Germany

1997        Gallery "ADMIRER "- Sofia, Bulgaria



2013        VII GLASSPLASTIK und GARTEN/Munster, Germany

2012         Art Code – Cappadocia 2/ Archeological Museum, Sofia

2011        Art Code – Cappadocia / Sofia

2011        "Glass is More" – Dutch Design Week/Eindhoven

2009        "Circle, Square, Triangle"/National Centre for Contemporary Art, Sofia

2009         "12 Women and Summer"/ Gallery "Studio M ", Sofia

2009        "Born Independent" National Centre for Contemporary Art Sofia

2009        Decorative Arts - Before and Now /National Art Gallery, Sofia 2008 "Angels"/ Gallery GRITA, Sofia

2008        39 Bulgarian Contemporary Artists/Gallery KRUG+, Sofia

2008        First Biennial of Bulgarian Design/Sofia

2008        European Biennial - Glass in context/Bornholm, Denmark

2007        Exhibition of the members from the UBA, Sofia

2006        VII International Glass symposium/Frauenau, Germany

2005        "Winter in Plovdiv " /Gallery Aspect, Plovdiv

2005        "To Chagall with love"/Gallery Debut, Sofia

2005        "We–The people of Europe"/exhibition EUROVISIA, Kiev

2004        Sculpture by Bulgarian Women – selected exhibition

Residence of the U.S. Ambassador to Bulgaria

2004        "SHE and HE" – Museum of Boris Hristov, Sofia

2004        "Sacral art" – Gallery Murgash

2004        10th anniversary of cultural program on "DARIK radio"

2004        Representative Exhibition of Contemporary Bulgarian Art

Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas –Venezuela

2003/04       Representative Exhibition of Contemporary Bulgarian Art Exhibition under the patronage of The President of Bulgaria:

Roma- basilica "Santa Marta"

Venice- Gallery III Millennium

Cogneliano - Dome, Salla dei Battuti

2003        "30+30 in one"/ National Gallery for Foreign Arts, Sofia

2002        "Prague – light and hope"/Glass gallery "Arosita", Sofia

2002        GLASSRIJK 2002/Tubbergen, Holland

2002        On memory of Prof. Libensky / Czech Cultural Institute Sofia

2002        IV-th GLASSPLASTIK und GARTEN - Munster, Germany Prize for best glass object

2001        Selection from III-th Exhibition GLASSPLASTIK und GARTEN

2000        IIIth GLASSPLASTIK und GARTEN-Munster, Germany Further commendations by the Jury

2000        VItm International Glass symposium - Frauenau, Germany

2000        International Glass Symposium /Granja de San Ildefonso, Spain

1998        II-nd GLASSPLASTIK und GARTEN/Munster, Germany

1996        I-st GLASSPLASTIK und GARTEN /Munster, Germany

1995        V-th International Glassymposium/Frauenau, Germany

1994        Spring Salon of Applied Arts/Sofia, Bulgaria

1992        Spring Salon of Applied Arts/Yambol, Bulgaria

1991        Young Polish Glass/Wroclaw, Poland

1985        International Glass symposium/Novy Bor, Czechoslovakia



2010/11    Stained glass windows for the church 'St.Kirik and St.Yolita" Bankia , under the projects of Academ. Svetlin Russev
2009/10   Awards for the Festival of Documentary and Animated Film "Golden Rython"
2009        Awards for Interarch 2009
2008        Awards for the UBA – ''House of the Year"
2007        Awards for 50 years Anniversary of Satirical Theatre, Sofia
2006        Project Via Franchisina /Municipal Sofia Art Gallery
2005        Commemorative stella/ 20 years. encyclical by Pope John Paul II for Saints Cyril and Methodius – Boris Hristov Museum - Sofia
2005       ''To look yourself in the others'' Music Centre Boris Hristov
2004/06   Awards for Foundation ABAGAR
2004/08   Awards for BTV - Reporter of the Year ''Crystal Mill''
2002/03   Awards for the Foundation for Charity in Bulgaria
1994/00   Golden Martenica - awards for the Union ''Made in Bulgaria''
1994/00   Awards for the competition "Office 2000", Sofia
1998        Awards for the 1st International Youth Film Festival in Sofia
1997/10   Annual Awards of the Film Makers
1995        Award for the best petrol station of SHELL, Bulgaria
1994        Stained glass windows for the hall of furniture company "Jano''
1993/97   Design souvenirs for BDZ, BAC, DSK, FESTO, MAN SUGAR
1992/93     original design for Johnnie Walker
1992        ''Golden Needle''/prize for the best fashion designer


1997        UNESCO, French Academy of Arts in Rome, Villa Medici
2003        Jan Van Eick Academy/Maastricht, Holland
2005        Television contest for the presentation of the exhibition Bulgaria
"We - the people of the Eurovision Song Contest" - Kiev, Ukraine


2008       First Bulgarian Design Biennial – UBA - Diploma
2002        Special prize for best glass object

4th International exhibition "Glass and Garden", Munster,Germany

2000        Further commendations by the Jury

III-rd International exhibition "Glass and Garden"

Munster, Germany -


1993/95        co-founder of Foundation "Boyana church, Zemen Monastery "
2005/11        member of the Management Board of Foundation "Abagar-2005 "

Coordinator of the


Representative Exhibition of Contemporary Bulgarian Art

Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas –Venezuela -

Representative Exhibition of Contemporary Bulgarian Art

Under the patronage of The President of Republic Bulgaria:

Roma- basilica "Santa Marta" - 2003

Venice- Gallery III Millennium - 2003

Cogneliano - Dome, Salla dei Battuti -2004

"30+30 in one"- National Gallery for Foreign Arts, Sofia - 2003

2007        Member of the UBA, Bulgaria
2008        Member of the American Association for Art Glass - GAS

My works can be seen:

Stained glass windows for the church 'St.Kirik and St.Yolita"/ Bankia Bulgaria
in a public collection/ Ernsting Stiftung Museum, Germany

"Flowers of Love" II 2002

Municipal Bank /Head Office, Sofia "The Graces" 2001

Gallery Benveniu/ New Orleans, USA

My art works are to be found in private collections also in Germany, Norway, USA, Austria, Holland, Italy and Bulgaria.

The sculpture "Sea Bird" 2005 was given in memory of John Paul II to the archbishop of Krakow card. Stanislaw Dzivish

I was honoured to be received by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on May 24-Th, the Day of Slavic Letters and Bulgarian culture, as a member of the Bulgarian Church delegation invited to the yearly celebration in Rome. On this occasion I offered to the Holy Father a glass sculpture of an Angel stepping down to earth among people "Angel" III


Language skills:

I speak English, Russian, Polish, Czech languages