The dream of an artist is to build an image and to leave his own soul inside his works of art.

Dream is always an issue. I have left myself inside by creating light. I have concealed reality to create a more beautiful world, filled with color and emotion. I have tried to build a bridge between the suggestion of a painting and the modeling of a sculpture, thus revealing light as a powerful means for expressing reality in a concise and intensifying way. As if my efforts towards the final art product do not appear in my pieces of art.

Done in blood and sweat, they have become pure poetry, the way caves conceal the mystery of beauty.

The same happens when light comes through the volume of the artifact to build itself in its modeled mass, thus letting countless interior relieves emerge. Then suddenly light makes the work of art move, tingle and breathe with its own soul and form.

Breath from spirit — spirit from breath.

Let us build ourselves in through light. Let us turn our eyes higher and upward to the divine source. But first, let us turn our look toward ourselves, toward nature and its obvious boundlessness that makes us dizzy.


Angelina K. Pavlova

Created by KABOX